Deborah Gyapong: Father Z suggests Bishops meet with bloggers

Father Z suggests Bishops meet with bloggers

He writes:
When the Obama Administration began to attack the 1st Amendment, Catholic bloggers rose up.
When the U.S. Bishops called for rallies for religious freedom, Catholic bloggers posted links and dates and places.
When the USCCB and Card. Dolan and Bp. Lori made statements or gave interviews, Catholic bloggers spread the word.
Catholic bloggers are to the establishment and the dissident Catholic media what talk radio and cable are to the old time news and entertainment establishment.
The great majority of Catholic bloggers would (and perhaps might have to) go to the wall for the Catholic bishops in a good cause and with good leadership.
Okay, let’s double-down.
I, in turn, call upon the U.S. Bishops to do what the Holy See did: host a conference… call a meeting with bloggers.
I ask fellow Catholic bloggers to pick up and renew this proposal on their own blogs.  Propose that the bishops organize a blogger summit, a blogger confab, a blogger powwow, a blognic on steroids.
Do they mean it, or not?  Are Catholic bloggers valued, or not?  Are these just words?  Vapor?
Your Excellencies…
“Blow the trumpet in Zion; sanctify a fast; call a solemn assembly; gather the people. (Joel 2:15)
Be nice to have a blognic for bloggers and bishops in Canada, too!    Colin Kerr and the Society of Canadian Catholic Bloggers?  Over to you!
H/t   Fr. Stephen Smuts



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