Deborah Gyapong: We begin our Eucharistic Fast

We begin our Eucharistic Fast

The Tabernacle will be empty until after April 15Today we began our Eucharistic Fast in preparation for our reception into the Catholic Church on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 15, 2012 at St. Patrick's Basilica in an Anglican Use Mass and initiation celebrated by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.
So we had Solemn High Mattins, the Liturgy of the Word and Spiritual Communion.
I can scarcely contain my joy as I write this.  What a difference ever since we made a collective decision across the country among parishes and groups in the pro-diocese of Our Lady of Walsingham of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, a temporary diocese to accommodate those of us who want to join an Ordinariate.  All the anguish of the past year is gone.  
Today, Bishop Carl quizzed the Sunday school children, asking them what they noticed was different about today.  The Tabernacle was empty; the veil lifted, only the Office candles lit.  You'll notice our Simnel Cake on the altar, which was blessed along with flowers for the ladies, to mark Mothering Sunday.
Nancy is our Mother of the Year.   She got to cut the Simnel Cake.  We had a formal tea---with cups and saucers and lots of sandwiches and other goodies. 
What's wonderful about April 15, is that parishes and groups across the country will be received by bishops in their respective dioceses into the Catholic Church on the same day or on a day soon-to-be-determined.
In our March newsletter there is information about how this decision came about and a list of the parishes or groups and clergy who will be coming in.  I hear there will also be a group in Vancouver.    It's been a difficult haul over the past year and a half or so, and we are a lot leaner than we were but we have been  through purifying fires and it is all to the good.
On a personal level, I am so happy that it will be Archbishop Prendergast receiving us as he has been such a good friend, spiritual father and encouragement to me and to all of us.



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