Deborah Gyapong: This article on same-sex adoption

This article on same-sex adoption

Is apparently causing a lot of grief for the Prince Arthur Herald, a unique, student-run and edited conservative online journal.

The author who has practiced in the field of psychiatry for three decades writes:

Children have a right to and a need for parenting by both a father and a mother. This need should be recognized by the state and by professional groups as far more important than an adult’s supposed right to adopt.

The views presented here are based on extensive social science research and scholarship, on my clinical experience as a psychiatrist that includes consulting with adoptive and foster children for several years, treating adoptive children for almost 35 years, writing about their treatment in a textbook for the American Psychological Association (1) and as the father of three adopted daughters.

What he says may be politically incorrect, but should heads roll for publishing this? If you disagree, can you be civil about it?



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