Deborah Gyapong: Life Chain!

Life Chain!

Rebecca and Deacon Michael in front of the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus

After our catechesis this afternoon, Bishop Carl, Deacon Michael and his wife Rebecca, Mary, brothers Ben and Zach and I headed to the annual Life Chain, a North American event that sees people spend an hour of silent witness against abortion.

Zach and Ben at the Life Chain

As I entered church this morning, Ben was striding towards the building in his raincoat, looking very sharp, and tipped his hat to me, like the young gentleman that he is. He and his brother, Zach, who is a member of our church, both wear ties on Sunday---not mandatory in our church, but it sure is nice and old-fashioned, but I hope Ben sets a trend.

Let's bring back hats!

He says he is working on it. Ben just started coming to worship with us as he is now attending Augustine College where about half the faculty is ACCC. They come from an evangelical background---in fact I remember a very precocious Zach when he was five years old at my previous Baptist Church (and maybe even Ben in a stroller!). They were home schooled and are both brilliant, well-read and very interesting young men.

Catholic friends Kirsten and David

My friend Tim and his baby son --Tim's a former Anglican now Catholic

Bishop Carl witnesses at the Life Chain every year



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