Deborah Gyapong: Could you pass the test?

Could you pass the test?

From Holy Post:

Many Roman Catholics should thank the saints they have never had their faith tested by Rose Andrachuk.

In January, Ms. Andrachuk, an Immigration & Refugee Board adjudicator, decided a refugee applicant’s knowledge of Catholicism put in doubt his claim to being a convert and she did not believe he would face religious prejudice if he were returned to China.

Mao Qin Wang said he had become a Catholic in 2007 by joining an underground parish. But after a series of skill-testing questions Ms. Andrachuk decided he was not the real deal.

“I find, on a balance of probabilities, that the claimant is not and never was a genuine practicing Roman Catholic,” she wrote.

“I find that the claimant’s level of knowledge of the Catholic faith is not commensurate with someone who has been a Roman Catholic for three years.”


During Mr. Wang’s 2010 hearing he was able to describe the liturgy of the mass from beginning to end (amazing!), but flubbed a question on the introductory rites.

He knew John baptized Jesus and Mary was Jesus’ mother. However, he couldn’t identify Mary’s parents — names, by the way, that appear nowhere in the New Testament and knowledge of which is hardly crucial to being a good Catholic.

He was able to explain the rosary, list the seven sacraments and some books of the Old Testament, though apparently he was not sure what they were about.

Given that most Catholics don’t read the Bible much, that last feat was pretty impressive.

I have met lifelong Catholics who say they never have to go to confession (wrong), the Pope is always infallible (wrong, wrong) and the Immaculate Conception is about the birth of Jesus (wrong, wrong, wrong).



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