Deborah Gyapong: Mark Shea vs. Michael Voris

Mark Shea vs. Michael Voris

I've been meaning to write about Michael Voris. But it won't be today.

But I have meant to post a link to this little dust up.

Recently, blogger Mark Shea has taken Voris apart for a video he did criticizing Amazing Grace as a Protestant hymn. Shea writes:

In this video, our Real Catholic elects to tell us that most of his brother and sister Catholics are half-breed Protestants who, among their many sins, wear "Protestant clothes." (What? No mention of Protestant hair, Michael?) [ouch! ]The point of this little litany is not so much to make sense as to establish, via a sort of hypnotic chant, that there are "Real Catholics" (Voris and his nucleus of Pharisees) and Everybody Else: the great unwashed who are unworthy to be called Catholic.

Then we go to work on today's specific task: arraigning Catholics who like "Amazing Grace" as protestantized dimwits who are letting the Pure Catholic Faith be corrupted by the base metal of an "anti-Catholic hymn".

I love Amazing Grace and one does not have to be a five point Calvinist who believes in total depravity to know what it is to be a wretch. I know.

H/t Creative Minority Report, who writes:

Did Voris miss the mark on this one? I think so. Guess what, I miss the mark on some of my commentary occasionally and I think that Mark would admit that he blows it sometimes too. It is the nature of the beast. And I will freely admit that when Mark writes something I disagree with I like to give him a hard time, but I still like the guy and I hope that Mark still likes me. But I don't get why Voris drives so many people crazy, I mean neck-vein-bulging crazy.

Even if we disagree and even if we completely blow it sometimes, can't we all just get along?

(Actually, I am kidding. I really like the fighting. I just want to seem like I am reasonable. But then again, I am really just a protestant ;-)

Yeah, I don't know why Voris drives so many people crazy. And I'm totally with the Rodney King "can't we all just get along" approach. Which is not to say to Voris to stop being outspoken---that just might be his calling---and it might be that of others to be outspoken in return, telling him, well, Michael, you missed the mark here or there and maybe this is how you can hone your prophetic gifting to get more of the Lord and less of you in there.

And, as I said in Pittsburgh on the blogging panel, conflict is what drives readership on blogs, so I gotta admit, I like the fighting, too.

But hey, I still have a dark protestant heart.



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