Deborah Gyapong: The case of Bill Whatcott

The case of Bill Whatcott

Is going to the Supreme Court of Canada. There's a documentary about this controversial figure who even managed to get banned from the freewheeling conservative site Free Dominion.

The Moon Brothers, who have produced this film, sent me an email with the link to the documentary, and said this:

It doesn't matter if you agree 100% with this guy's fight; what matters is that his fight will allow us the freedom to speak our minds without fear from the Thought Police (and that is doubly true for bloggers, don't you think?)

Watch the trailer. Write a comment. Blog about this. As filmmakers, it's our job to start conversations. This is one conversation we think is worth putting out there.

P.S. Here are some quotes about the documentary...

"An on-the-edge expose of the anti-free speech forces at work... worth watching for adults to be captivated, informed and equipped." -- Ted Baehr,

"A stunning documentary which covers both sides of the issue." -- Paul L. Maier, PhD, Bestselling Author

The Moon Brothers

Independent Filmmakers

I will be covering the Supreme Court case. Sounds like a film for the Free Thinking Film Society to bring in.



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