Deborah Gyapong: "I may have to file a hate speech complaint against myself"

"I may have to file a hate speech complaint against myself"

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn participated in a joint book-signing last night in Ottawa for Shakedown. Jointly sponsored by Liberal MP Keith Martin and Conservative MP Rick Dysktra, the event drew about 240 people to the Delta Hotel. Martin was unable to attend himself, so Senator Jerry Grafstein took his place. Lots of cabinet ministers, MPs, and staffers attended, though I did not notice a heavy Liberal presence, alas. I have lots of pictures and took notes, so I'll divide this up into several posts.

Ezra told the gathering he had been in Centre Block earlier in the day and a woman introduced herself to him as Jennifer Lynch. Yes, THE Jennifer Lynch, the chief commissar of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Ezra was with Alykhan Velshi, Jason Kenney's director of communications. They all got on an elevator together, along with MP Dick Harris.

The conversation continued. Ezra told Lynch about the event coming up that evening. He warned her that there might be "a lot of hate speech tonight."

"I might have to file a hate speech complaint against myself!" he said.

My memory is sketchy but he may have continued in that vein, perhaps asking her who she thought would win if he filed such a complaint. I'm sure Ezra will soon publish a more detailed version of this incident on his site, so look forward to it!

Ezra described Shakedown as part diary and part investigative journalism. He mentioned how pleased he was to receive positive reviews from people who "would disagree with me about everything else," but agree about a "bureaucracy that is out of control."

The pictures show Ezra Levant (evil-looking and hateful with those red eyes); Minister of State for Democratic Reform Stephen Fletcher with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Levant;
Levant, Senator Jerry Grafstein and Mark Steyn; Levant with Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson, holding a copy of Shakedown; Immigration Parliamentary Secretary and evening co-host Rick Dykstra; Ezra Levant again; and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.



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