Deborah Gyapong: HRCs "hijacked by extremists"

HRCs "hijacked by extremists"

Senator Jerry Grafstein, speaking on behalf of the Liberals at last night's Shakedown event in Ottawa, issued a mea culpa for his having been "very much involved in the creation of human rights commissions."

He noted that while what's happened to human rights commissions in Canada might seem "quite strange," he said the situation is not unique to Canada.

"Sometimes agencies in a free society are taken hostage by extremists," he said.

Extemists have distorted words and their meaning in an Orwellian way, he said. At a time when truthful speech is needed, "we've had the reverse."

He spoke of the three "isms": communism, nazism, and fascism and how they all take ordinary words and rip out their contents and replace them with something else.

Grafstein said that Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn were entitled to the Order of Canada for their efforts in restoring freedom of speech.



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