Deborah Gyapong: I come across this kind of thinking all the time

I come across this kind of thinking all the time

Ezra Levant spoke about how much better off we were with the "moron" in the White House.

I think President Obama has signaled a Carteresque weakness. He apologizes to and appeases dictators and genocidal thugs, apologizes for everything America has done prior to his birth, yet demonizes conservative Americans, people like Rush Limbaugh.

Here's Rush's view on what Obama's thinking is as he gives away intelligence secrets and talks American down all around the world:

No, in his mind, he's making us a more moral nation. He is improving our image around the world. He is getting rid of these techniques that created, in his worldview, more terrorists. You said that he has to know that an attack on our country during his presidency will utterly finish him. I don't know that you can say that. An attack on the country, if it happens again, if you carefully watch what's being set up here, it's all being set up to be blamed on the Bush administration. Remember, Barack Obama's mind-set is that everything that came before him was unjust and immoral, from George Washington all the way to Bush. If we're hit again, it's going to be not because we have penalized ourselves and tied our hands ourselves, it's because the Bush administration so mishandled it with the unfair, immoral interrogation and torture that he drove these people to it.

Alas, probably a majority of Canadians and Americans believe this way too.



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