Deborah Gyapong: YES on QUESTION 10 !!!!!!!

YES on QUESTION 10 !!!!!!!

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Though Harper has angered his social conservative base, he may have something up his sleeve that will bring them back. Could he have in mind an election surprise that will not only bring them back in droves, but will appeal to libertarians, classical liberals and people of good will across the political spectrum who love freedom?

I have no inside information on this. I am only speculating based on the Conservative Party's Critical Issues Survey that just went out to party members.

Unless bloggers get the word out about this survey, it could end up in the recycling bin along with all the other junk mail.

The survey has eleven questions. Question 10 asks:

Government bodies typically known as "human rights tribunals" have been in the news a lot during the last year. Many people have commented that their usefulness has come to an end as some begin to persecute people. Do you agree that some of these "human rights tribunals" have overstepped their bounds?

Then there are little boxes to check YES or NO

Don't you love the quotation marks around "human rights tribunals"?

Those who threw out their survey without reading it can call the Conservative Party at 613 755-2000 or 866-808-8407 and tell them their answer.



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