Deborah Gyapong: CHRC dismisses complaint against Catholic Insight

CHRC dismisses complaint against Catholic Insight

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has dismissed the complaint against Catholic Insight Magazine.

Stay tuned. I will have more later.

This is good news. It means that the political campaign for freedom of speech and freedom of religion is working. It means the CHRC does not want to be seen to treat big fish differently from little fish. It does not want to be seen as operating outside the rule of law. That is a good thing. It means the CHRC wants the scrutiny to go away and fast.

But Catholic Insight is still reeling under $20,000 of legal bills. The process is the punishment.
Thus the process--the ability for the CHRC and its provincial counterparts to pass judgment on speech or religious doctrine even to the extent of vetting and dismissing complaints---has to be removed.

But given that much of the persecution of Christians has to do with other aspects of human rights law, aspects that interfere with the rights of religions to determine morality codes among participants who work for charitable organizations or churches for example, the whole system needs to be investigated and reformed. Of course the Ontario Human Rights Commission is to blame for the draconian decision on Christian Horizons, violating that charity's ability to make sure its workers adhered to its evangelical religious mores.

We need a Royal Commission to not only look at the laws governing these bodies and how they have co-opted real human rights but also how the system has become corrupted by ideologues and unaccountable practices.



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