Deborah Gyapong: The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal so far

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal so far

I can't post much as we have only an hour for lunch and I had to hike up to Parliament Hill.

About 30 people showed up for the hearing. Not the huge phalanx of mainstream news journalists that some had hoped for. blogger John Pacheco was over in the corner with his laptop.
Connie and Mark Fournier of Free Dominion were there, and Dr. Dawg, who is a pleasant, affable chap in person.

Mark Steyn was there of course.

Witnesses included a Bell Canada representative who gave the name of an individual and her address and ISP number but it remains a mystery as to why this person is important, so I will not be publishing her name at this point.

Why this name and ISP is important may be part of an unfolding narrative. We'll see.

The most common answer during today's proceedings has been:

"I don't recall." or "I don't remember" or some variation thereof.

Ezra Levant had some interesting predictions about this hearing that bear rereading.

Canadian Human Rights Commission investigator Dean Stacey, who is blind, came without his assistant. He admitted signing on as a member of Free Dominion a week or two before a formal complaint against the site was filed. That complaint has since been withdrawn. He also admitted to signing on again in early January of this year.

The first witness Hannya Rizk had very little to say. She could not remember much and had not briefed herself on any of the files before testifying. There were also restrictions on exactly what questions she could be asked.

The questioning of Dean Steacy will continue this afternoon. It's already starting so I'd better get back down there.

The picture shows some of the folks at the hearing:

William Reid, Connie and Mark Fournier, Mark Steyn, Brian Lilley from CFRB/CJAD Radio and John Pacheco of

I don't know who the dark-haired woman is in the background right next to Reid, and next to Connie.

Kady O'Malley of Mclean's Magazine is live blogging the hearing here.



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