Deborah Gyapong: Some reviews on the Liberal speeches

Some reviews on the Liberal speeches

UPDATE: On CBC Newsworld, Rex Murphy just described Ignatieff's speaking style as "lethargic fluency."

Murphy and Andrew Coyne predict Bob Rae will win tomorrow. Chantal Hebert and Dan Legere (who, watching from Halifax) thought Rae bombed and predict Ignatieff will win.

Warren Kinsella is awfully interesting when he turns his eye on fellow Liberals.

Here's what he has to say about Michael Ignatieff's speech.

December 1, 2006 - Ouch. He got hotter at the end, but he sounded medicated for a lot of it.


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CTV NewsNet cut away from Iggys speech.

Were they bored too?

Kate at Small Dead Animals has this observation:

Good God, does Michael Ignatieff talk slowly.

Or maybe he's just considering the audience.


Update I've changed my mind.

I ... think ... he's had ... a stroke. "Let's win ...some seats ... in .... Al------berta,"

BWAAHAAA... CTV just cut away from the convention in the middle of his speech. They've gone overtime.

As I said - these are the same people who have been confessing all evening long that they ran the country into the ground - so expecting them to get a few convention speeches wrapped up in time is probably unreasonable.

You can also find some live blogging over at Blogging Tories.



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