Deborah Gyapong: What journalists failed to report from the Pink Book launch

What journalists failed to report from the Pink Book launch

Kate over at Small Dead Animals providees the subtext:

"The current system favours women who are willing to earn their way to the top through intelligence, hard work, and initiative." Ms. Stronach said, speaking before reporters. "This is clearly discriminatory."

"Speaking as a member of the privileged underachiever community, I can personally testify that mediocrity would have stood in the way of my goals, had it not been for the support and extreme wealth of my family. I would never have headed my father's company, nor had a snowball's chance in Hell of becoming a Member of Parliament. In our current patriarchal system, these jobs almost always go to college graduates."

But what of women who don't have nepotism and cronyism to fall back on? Ms. Stronach was passionate, "I had the pleasure of meeting a number of ordinary, undermotivated women while conducting our interviews. Our group also met with several government funded advocacy groups that function as sheltered workshops for female underachievers. This raises grave concerns about their future - where are the women of SoW, for example, to go, should their budgets be slashed? They may be forced to seek employment in sectors that reward measurable performance - something for which they are fundamentally ill-suited."

Hat tip Relapsed Catholic.



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