Deborah Gyapong: This is unbelievable. But then again . . . prepare yourself.

This is unbelievable. But then again . . . prepare yourself.

The words "hide it under a bushel" come to mind. I'd been reading about the case of a cross erected in the Mojave -- it's two pipes welded together that comes to about six feet tall -- on top of a boulder to honor WWI veterans, and how the ACLU had sued (successfully so far) to have it removed. This post is not to discuss the facts of the case, but rather to simply show the cross to you in its present state.

There is video at the above link.

Hat tip Kathy Shaidle at Relapsed Catholic who says:

Note too that stories and photos like this (surprise!) work at cross purposes, so to speak, to the ACLU's desires: again and again, stuff like this turns people Christian, not the other way around. If "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church", surely the "pointless anti-Christian provocations of the ACLU" are now its accidental fertilizer.

Again and again, the ways of God confound the learned and render them abject fools. So don't be angered by the diabolical mischief documented in this photo. Instead, rejoice, for "He scatters the proud in the imagination of their hearts."



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