Deborah Gyapong: Jeanne Damoff on answering the call to write

Jeanne Damoff on answering the call to write

My fellow Master's Artist Jeanne Damoff writes about calling and discerning God's will.

Curtis and Grace are in love. That's not enough to make a marriage work, but it tends to influence most decisions to marry. And that's not a bad thing. God often speaks through the desires of our hearts. He uses what we love--what energizes us--to guide us into His will. I'm not saying our hearts can always be trusted--they are, after all, deceitful above all things. But I do believe when we seek God's will as honestly as we know how, we can trust Him to move our hearts accordingly.

Taking up the pen isn't as life-changing as marriage, but it requires serious commitment. Ah, but what do we care? We're in love! Like most young newlyweds, we enter into the writing life with high hopes and colorful dreams. Our characters dance before us on a stage as enchanting as a Maurice Sendak illustration. Surely God is with us, we think, as we spin verbal straw into gold.



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