Deborah Gyapong: What is really happening in Iraq?

What is really happening in Iraq?

The MSM is so convinced that Iraq is going to fall into civil war that the meme is like the harsh Afghan winter that was supposed to mire coalition troops in that war.

In my Ottawa Citizen this morning, the headlines were about the fear of civil war, but the story itself showed hopeful signs.

Here is an interesting round up of news from Arabian dissent on what he was able to garner from Al Jazeera's coverage. (Thanks to Blogging Tories for the link.)

Arabian dissent writes:

-All the people ordinary people that they spoke to affirmed that they did not want a civil war and hoped the situation would calm. (Like I predicted)

-That's not to say everything is fine, far from it. There will still eventually be terror exchanges by the extremists of both Shia and Sunni factions. Factions which were never controllable in the first place since the fall of Saddam. However, an all-out Civil war for the moment seems improbable.



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