Deborah Gyapong: Mark Bertrand on Iraq and rules for blogging

Mark Bertrand on Iraq and rules for blogging

My fellow Masters Artist Mark Bertrand has some really good posts up. One of them is on a Frontline piece on Iraq called The Insurgency.

He writes:

For Americans on the right of the political spectrum, the most frustrating parts of the report will be the early mistakes that allowed the insurgency to gain ground. For those on the left, the words of one Iraqi army officer will sting: if the Coalition forces leave now, he says, that's the end of Iraq. I'm no expert, but I don't think approaching this problem through a partisan political lens is the answer. The insurgents see themselves as part of an international movement. They interpret every political compromise we make as a glorious victory (and a sign of greater victory to come if they continue their campaign).

Another is on his self-imposed rules of blogging and participating.



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