Deborah Gyapong: Christophobia---the real persecution of Christians worldwide

Christophobia---the real persecution of Christians worldwide

There's a move afoot to make Islamophobia equivalent to anti-Semitism, as if Danish cartoons or the marginalization many Muslim communities in Europe experience can be equated with the holocaust. (And, if you look at Britian where people of the same racial background and color who happen to be Hindu or Sikh fare well economically, while those of Muslim background do not, then you have to ask whether some of that marginalization is self-imposed.)

While I think anti-Semitism in Europe is seriously under-reported and growing in virulence, the other great story that gets little or no ink in the West is the persecution of Christians.

Voice of the Martyrs says that more Christians have been martyred---and this is real martyrdom, not bizarre blowing yourself up to take out others kind of bogus martyrdom--in the last century than in all previous centuries combined.

Now Poland, thankfully still a Christian country, is mounting an awareness campaign.

Gateway Pundit has news about the campaign and pictures of the posters.



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