Deborah Gyapong: Polgamy. In Canada. We're not making this up.

Polgamy. In Canada. We're not making this up.

During the debate over redefining marriage, many who argued that separating marriage from procreation would also separate the basis for restricting marriage to two people. They were often accused of being extremist or fear-mongers.

Well, turns out the Canadian justice department commissioned a study. Guess what. It recommends Canada decriminalize polygamy, and predicts that the courts might strike down laws against polygamy on religious freedom grounds.

Read more here and here.

Read reaction from the Institute for Canadian Values here.

"We are deeply dismayed to learn of the existence of this report," said Joseph Ben-Ami, executive director of the Institute. "We are also very disturbed that the government did not release it voluntarily, only turning it over to the press through access to information."

"Before Paul Martin's same-sex marriage bill became law, many of us warned that the next logical step would have to be legalizing polygamy and including it in the definition of marriage," recalled Ben-Ami. "We were ridculed by many government politicians. Now we find out that the Jusctice Department itself has been sitting on a report that not only confirms exactly what we predicted, but actually recommends it."

Ben-Ami also dismissed Irwin Cotler's statements that polygamy will remain illegal, calling the Justice Minister's assurances "silly and futile."

"It's as if Mr. Cotler has been living in a different world than the rest of us," said Ben-Ami. "He says 'Don't worry, polygamy is still illegal' as if that present status is some magical shield. Doesn't he realize that the courts have been knocking down one law after another that protects the integrity of marriage and the family?

"Just a few short weeks ago the Supreme Court declared that swingers' clubs would henceforth be deemed legal. The fact that they were illegal to begin with certainly didn't stop the Court from ruling as it did.

"The plain truth is that Mr. Cotler's assurances are silly and futile."



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