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The Master's Artist

One of my first stops every morning on the blogosphere is The Master's Artist, a collective of writers (and a poet!). It's not only because I'm a member of the group--my posting day is usually Mondays. Today's post by Mike Snyder is a thought-provoking read and I'm privileged to be in his company.

Mike is a wonderful writer, and he, Dee Stewart and J. Mark Bertrand have all participated in a short story contest over at Faith in Fiction, another daily stop for me. Faith in Fiction, run by Bethany House editor Dave Long, is a community for Christian writers hoping to make an impact on the culture while at the same time raising the bar of quality.

Mike writes:

At what point am I able to enter the mind of a degenerate racist without sharing some culpability? Is my story a gateway drug that encourages beating fathers and abusing toad venom? Am I encouraging drug use by showing how it's done? Do I somehow hate God now because my character does? Am I contributing to the delinquent language habits of sailors-in-training?

Can God really use one despicable character to reveal His glory to another, equally despicable character? Or should we as Christian writers avoid these things for fear of causing a brother to stumble?

Great questions. Read his story here.

What do you think?



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