Deborah Gyapong: Blogging Tories subject of third party financing complaint

Blogging Tories subject of third party financing complaint

The blogosphere has come into its own in Canada during the federal election campaign.

Now, however, there's news that an aggregate of right-leaning blogs called Blogging Tories is now the subject of an Elections Canada complaint for violating third party financing laws. The law limits the amount of money any third party can pay to advocate an issue during an election. Aptly described as a "gag" law, it's an attempt to limit freedom of speech.

Here's the story from today's Ottawa Citizen by Allan Woods.

QUEBEC - Elections Canada has been asked to investigate the Conservatives after allegations the party is overseeing a group that operates partisan online weblogs.

Canada's election watchdog received a complaint yesterday from a disaffected party member who claims the Tories tried to sway political opinion in cyberspace before and during the election campaign by setting up the popular "Blogging Tories" website.

The site appears to be a coalition of like-minded individuals who have met in cyberspace to share their political opinions and express their frustrations with Paul Martin's Liberals.

It'll be interesting to see the reaction to this attempt to silence the blogosphere.



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